1. Random Liberty Doodles

    Random Liberty Doodles

    Some scribbles based on comments about Chapter 7, practice drawings of Lorde, and lots of outfits for Will.
  2. Tabitha Gijinka

    Tabitha Gijinka

  3. Stanley Gijinka

    Stanley Gijinka

  4. Ro Gijinka

    Ro Gijinka

  5. Lorde Gijinka

    Lorde Gijinka

  6. Tabitha Ref

    Tabitha Ref

  7. Stanley Ref

    Stanley Ref

  8. Ro Ref

    Ro Ref

  9. Liberty Banner 1

    Liberty Banner 1

    The original banner for "Liberty" on the old nuzlocke forum's website.
  10. jadethestone

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Liberty - Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Will really isn't interested in becoming a Pokemon trainer and would rather become an artist instead. However, due to her rare ability to speak to Pokemon, her parents and Professor Elm get the wrong idea and believe that she is destined to be a Pokemon Master. Will ends up finding herself...