1. DIO

    Comic Fan Game Mature Hack Mon Out of Luck: A Pokémon Clover Nuzlocke Comic

    >Out of Luck A Pokémon Clover Nuzlocke Comic Coming soon™! When her illegitimate father's reality TV show is cancelled, Ariana finds herself in the unfamiliar Fochun region, sent on a mission to convince the woman who complained to change her mind. ABOUT It's no secret that I love...
  2. DIO

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Commentary Hack Teammate is Kill: A Pokémon Clover v1.2 Screenshot Run

    Started: September 6, 2021 Long story short, I've been feeling a bit low on energy for a while, especially in terms of my art and Pokémon. I'm currently on school holiday right now, so I figured the best way to get back into the swing of things would be to nuzlocke some hacks! After all, it's...
  3. Fool

    The Fool Review

    So, I've decided to work on making an actual review series for the time being, and I'll be having the first episode premiering today at 10 AM EST. Hope you'll come watch it with me.
  4. Fool

    Comic Screenshot Unova Mixed Media Mature I Hate Hugh!

    April Fools brings April's Fool! Hello everyone, and welcome to an actual Nuzlocke run by me, Fool. I have made it known about my incredible distaste of Pokemon Black and White 2 as games, as well as about a specific character in it. So, what better April Fools joke to make than to start a...