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  1. Fool

    Ruleset AniLocke

    Power Levels. If you're an anime fan, or hell even if you aren't, you know what Power Levels are. They have historically been the way to scale the danger levels of fighters and the fights they partake in ever since the days of good old Dragon Ball Z. So, now you're wondering why I wasted your...
  2. Killjoy

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Commentary What Would Go Wrong? (except everything) [COMPLETE]

    I finished the gameplay for my Nuzcomic, so why the fuck not make a screenshot run while I will be dying over typing the comic lore and scripting? Hell yeah. This one has some tricky rules, but you can read it below. [/spoiler] Aaaaand- //i hit the "post" too fast, fuck//
  3. DoctorRosalia

    Written Fan Yeehaw Fakemon

    So, if you noticed in the “your icon is a Pokemon” game, I made a Pokemon based off of Vergil. Well, I got a little carried away, and I made more of them. Enjoy. Which evolves into and Only Veragility can evolve into Using Unbind chain, Veragility splits apart into And