1. Wenitzb

    Screenshot Sinnoh General Platinum, but without the 'E'.

    Hello again Nuzlocke Forums! 2 months ago I made a post here of my run where I challenged myself to beat Pokémon Emerald without using any Pokémon, attacks, or items with an 'E' in their names. Today, I am here to attempt the same challenge in the mildly harder Platinum version. Here are the...
  2. Wenitzb

    Screenshot Hoenn A Nuzlock_ of _m_rald v_rsion wh_r_ I chall_ng_d mys_lf to forbid th_ usag_ of any Pokémon/attacks/it_ms with a c_rtain capital l_tt_r in th_m.

    Hello Nuzlocke Forums! I'm Wenitzb. Over a month ago I made a post on the Pokémon subreddit sharing my Nuzlocke with them. Today, over a month late, I had an epiphany that could surely only be described as genius. "What if I shared my Nuzlocke with people (and get this) who like Nuzlockes?"...
  3. Violenceman

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mature Commentary Sinnoh After Dark: A Neophyte's Blind Platinum Nuzlocke (Fight All Night Remix!)

    Welcome to my very first Nuzlocke run! ...... Again. :V: That's right, the Nuzlocke that refuses to die returns to fulfill all your eventide adventure needs. I am pretty sure that, at this point, this thread as been resurrected more times than a Dragon Ball character. This story was first...
  4. Velink

    Comic Kanto General Mon A Silly LillieLocke

    New forum, new description time!! A silly LillieLocke! A short story revolving around Lillie's misadventures in Kanto based on my silly imagination of my ongoing FireRed Gameplay Story takes place after Pokémon Sun Moon, and will be set on Kanto years after Red/Leaf has beaten the league. I...
  5. A Silly Lillielocke cover

    A Silly Lillielocke cover

    Hoo booy , here we come!
  6. A Silly Lillielocke cover 2

    A Silly Lillielocke cover 2

    A silly adventure of Alola's one and only Aether Daughter,Lillie. She has to find that cure for her dear lunatic mother
  7. Obelisk

    Written Story Kanto Mature Mon Devoured: A LeafGreen Nuzlocke

    Author's Note: This post contains all content migrated from Tapatalk. When all seems lost, a new light will devour the dark.