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  1. MasterMax58

    Nuzlocke Advice Video Games How this team should look ?

    Hello I'm doing Pokemon X Randomizer Nuzlocke, I just destroyed team flare machine and win vs Lysandre. The Problem is half of my team died during the third battle against him. I lost Lucario, Blaziken and Ampharose. Right now my team needs a rebuild. Can you guys help ? This is my first...
  2. What Counts as an "Area?"

    I want to nuzlocke Emerald Kaizo, but I'm not totally sure what the rules are for an area. Do patches of grass inside cities count? Do I get an encounter on the route I got my starter? Can someone please clarify these questions for me? Thanks!
  3. Obelisk

    Unova Written Log Commentary Mon [Completed] Cycle of Hurting - Pokemon White Nuzlocke

    Hey everyone, Obelisk here! I decided I wanted to try my hand at a written log to take some pressure off of going through all of the writing for Devoured and having something where I can be direct with the readers about what happened where and why. As for the name of the run - I’m going to be...