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  1. shock-spectrum5

    Comic Sinnoh General Mon Shining Adventure 99 - A Shining Pearl Nuzlocke

    The first three pages are out now! Check out the comic on DeviantArt or Comic Fury! DA: https://www.deviantart.com/shock-spectrum5/gallery/83732430/shining-adventure-99 CF: Shining Adventure 99 - A Pokémon Shining Pearl Nuzlocke Comic - Overview
  2. TommyLew

    Video Hoenn Hoenn, a paradise on Earth? - Pokemon Emerald Randomized Unlocke

    Hello there, adventurers. Here lies the start of an epic journey through Hoenn to become the Pokemon Champion. However, it wont be easy due to the fact this is no regular Nuzlocke, this is in fact an Unlocke. Each badge we attain will unlock a certain aspect of the game for us for example: Badge...
  3. Pwapy

    Screenshot Sinnoh Fan Game Teen Mon Pwapy's Renegade Platinum Nuzlocke

    Pwapy's Renegade Platinum Nuzlocke! Well, I'm an idiot. Something happened with my original platinum nuzlocke, and I lost my save state. To apologize for ending a nuzlocke so prematurely, and somewhat my punishment- We're doing Renegade Platinum instead! Part 1! Once again, I'm so sorry...
  4. Spacey

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Blooming Glory: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Blooming Glory: A Crystal Nuzlocke 🌼 🌼 🌼 People are required to have a license at the age of ten, a Pokemon escort is needed to safely travel anywhere, and corruption is brewing in an absent League. Despite her anxieties, Glory is thrown into the outside world with a mission to find her...