hard difficulty

  1. malanga

    Video Kanto General Mon Pacifist Genlocke

    Never give up Never forget Grind like hell Imagine halfway trough the game 5 members of your team die. That means now you will have to grind for hours to make up for these deaths. Right? Now imagine you're not allowed to grind. You're not allowed to kill a single wild Pokemon. Imagine exp...
  2. Manstar

    Video Fan Game Teen Commentary [FAILED] Bad Life Choices - A Pokémon Insurgence Blind Hardmode Nuzlocke: Quitter Edition

    Welcome one and all to my magical journey through Pokémon Insurgence! I'm glad you stopped by! Oh wait it's a videolocke. I'm sure this one will be r i v e t i n g. Well I'm going to try my best to make it more riveting (than any lady with well formed biceps you've ever seen) by doing...