1. SayleeK

    Collaborative Nuzlocke Hallowe'en Anthology IV: Four Whom The Bell Tolls

    🎃 2019 - 2020 - 2021 🎃 Welcome back, dear purveyors of niche death fiction. It is time, once more… for the Hallowe'en Oneshot Anthology. As last year, there are no particular restrictions, just that it be a reasonably self-contained, spooky Pokemon story, preferably related in some way to a...
  2. SayleeK

    Written Written Story Collaborative Nuzlocke Hallowe'en Anthology III: The 2021-ening

    (Banner courtesy of Rainey!) What’s up, ghosties and ghoulies? Following the grand tradition set up by Paine in 2019 and followed by enbygonetimes in 2020, we at The Writer’s Lounge have decided to bring back the Hallowe’en One-Shot Anthology! This isn’t too formal at all, never fear—the only...