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  1. Nuzlocke Fan AtomGB

    General Nuzlocke Fan AtomGB's Nuzlocke "Generations" Hall of Fame

    Chroma (Pokemon Blue) Starter: Squirtle Theme: NPCs who die Champion Team: Blastoise, Nidoqueen, Fearow, Kadabra, Lapras, a live grenade Deaths: 30 Pokedex:74 Legendaries: 3/4 Shinies: 0 In Game Time: 156:28 Generations clause additions: 007, 008, 009, 016, 021, 022, 027, 028, 029, 030, 031...
  2. RubyClaw

    RubyClaw's Hall of Fame - Gotta Nuzlocke Em' All!

    :hello:👑 Hi all, welcome to my little Hall of Fame! 👑:hello: Here I keep record of all my completed runs, both posted and unposted, in my quest to complete every classic pokemon game using the Nuzlocke rules and a few extra rules of my own to make every run a little bit special.