hack run

  1. RagstheMimikyu

    Written Story Manifesto: A Pokémon XY Emerald Nuzlocke[MATURE]

    Rules: 1: Only catch the verrry first Pokémon caught on each route! No take-backs or redos! If the catch fails, too bad! You get nothing. 2: Every Pokémon caught must be immediately surprise-traded away. It’ll be so much fun that way! Every trade is a gamble! 3: Pokémon who faint are...
  2. Snapdeck Sylladex

    Screenshot Be Kind, Rewind: Kanaya's Blind Reborn Run

    EPISODE 1: REBORN So, In A Server I Was In, Someone Was Playing Through Pokemon Rejuvenation. I Don't Remember Much, But There Was Time Travel And An Extremely Powerful Gardevoir. So, I Look It Up, And It's Tied To Something Called Pokemon Reborn. I Vaguely Remember Hearing About This Reborn...
  3. Tapu Lele

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Hack Other Adventure My Sanity, I Beg You Adue! - Touhoumon Anther World Nuzlocke

    A while back, when the Nuzlocke forums were hosted by Zetaboards, I went by a username known as Prince Doopliss where one of my first runs was a Fire Red ROM hack known as… Hello, I'm Tapu Lele and while I have plans for the actual main Pokemon games, I feel like filling a void long overdue...
  4. Clarbart

    Screenshot Sinnoh Hack Renegade Platinum: A Nevermore Nuzlocke

    I got bored and I have decided to make poor decisions with my time. As such I introduce, The Nevermore Nuzlocke. Rules are fairly simple, 1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead 2. Nickname everything, naming theme will be decided later. 3. I cannot grind past the level of the Gym Leader's Ace...
  5. Alexzandrya

    Screenshot Alexandrite Emerald AGAIN! 6th Test - Update 2 VS Wattson!

    Hello new nuzlocke forums! (insert Slowpoke meme here) (should have drawn it as well as Slowbro and Slowking) I made a hack that I think is pretty good it is also brutal nothing super fancy I'm not gonna self deprecate 'cause I did a good job with the hack tools! YEAH! A previous version got...
  6. Master Bryss

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Hack Dearly Me! Bryss' Life of Guardians: The Dear-ector's Cut

    Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss. Welcome to the big one. This is the Dear-ector's Cut of my original blind Nuzlocke of the rumhake known as Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians. It is a re-cut of the third run of the Zeta Era and the first 'sequel' run in Bryssverse, Mirror World...