1. Screenshot Buried Alive: A Ground-breaking Nuzlocke

    This is the first recorded Nuzlocke I'm doing. I've done several others before but this will also be my first second monotype Nuzlocke attempt. (First one ended in such failure. ;-; Lost to Rival's Bulbasaur's different powders) So without further adieu let's get to the rules. In my case, I'm...
  2. Shark

    Written Log General [UCL3] It's Always a Good Day to Eat Dirt

    hi im shark i did one of these ucl things before it was mono normal i lost in plat and it killed my groove, my mojo, my drive, my zest, and all of my pokemon so i gave up BUT TODAY IS A NEW DAY AND IT IS A GOOD DAY TO EAT DIRT! let's go baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee piers...
  3. Norhian Samur

    Screenshot [UCL 2] Ground Monotype - Approximately 15 tons of Dirt

    Hey Everyone, my name is Norhian Samur aka Samur. I decided to undertake this challenge even though it's probably a mistake considering I'm a decently busy college student. Anyway I will be playing these using emulators and taking screenshots so you all may watch along. Anyway I would begin...