1. Dee

    Galar Written Log Commentary Mon GRANDMASTER: A Sword Chesslocke

    Welcome to… GRANDMASTER A Chesslocke of Sword version, DLC included! This is my first-ever Chesslocke run (though not my first-ever run of SwSh) and will more or less just be a fun, casual written log to chronicle my journey. (I'm including some screenshots here and there, but this isn't a...
  2. Secret Santa :0

    Secret Santa :0

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  3. Trollkitten

    Comic General The Galar Gang

    So way back in like February (I think? Whenever it was that SwSh was first announced) when I first started this little gag comic. I put it on hold for a few months when Dexit happened and the stress of being a part of the Pokemon fan community really got to me, but now that I have Pokemon Sword...