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    nrh banner.png

    Banner for No Roads Home
  2. EraOfThirteen

    Comic Spin-off Teen Gijinka No Roads Home

    A region barely on the map and unincorporated by the League, Orre is seemingly defined by struggle. Class divides may as well be canyons as the region's small percentage of wealthy individuals routinely hoard resources and lock the common people out of opportunities. Fenix and Kenedi are two...
  3. No Roads Home Cover

    No Roads Home Cover

    Cover for No Roads Home, a Colosseum Nuzlocke comic
  4. No Roads Home

    No Roads Home

    Cover for No Roads Home, a Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke comic
  5. WolvenMist

    Comic Galar Teen Gijinka Kindred Spirits - A Shield Gijinkalocke

    Audrey claims she's content with her simple small town life, until an old friend shows up and offers her a chance to compete in the region's annual magic tournament. Along the way, Audrey finds herself caught up in the mystery of the region's forgotten past, as strange visions and nightmares...
  6. Zero

    Comic Kalos General Gijinka Y Run Away (+Fire) - A Gijinkalocke Comic

    Y Run Away (+Fire) - A Pokemon Y Gijinkalocke Comic By ZeroProStudio Author of Jet's Black Nuzlocke and Little Lapses In a world inhabited by people known as Pokemon, power is everything, and those without power have no standing in society. Can our runaway hero escape that life of hardship or...
  7. SimplyUnknown

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Hands of Time

    Hello and welcome to my newest run, based on my very first playthrough of Brilliant Diamond. For those of you who read my Building Up a Brilliant Run blog from a few months back, you probably have an idea of how this is going to go. Anyways, leave a like or a comment if you enjoyed reading, and...
  8. CitronGarde

    Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka Cross Your Heart: A Pokémon X Gijinka Nuzlocke

    Alright. Here goes nothing. Sooo even though I haven't updated it in more than a year (DEEPLY sorry abt that), I've decided to put Cross Your Heart on the Nuzlocke Forums! For those of you unaware, Cross Your Heart is a Pokémon X Gijinka Nuzlocke comic following the adventures of one Arnold...
  9. Bruciey

    Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka Playing with Fire [X Gijinka Nuzlocke]

    The Kalos region is changing quicker than ever before; The league is becoming more popular, magic is becoming stronger, and a new champion with brutal tactics has been instated. August lost someone close to him to these changes, and he can't help but hate them for it. However, his fate has been...
  10. vizarding

    Comic Unova Teen Gijinka Godless Lands - A Pokemon White Gijinkalocke

    Welcome to the land of Unova, a civilization thriving under the protection of its very many Gods. Praying to the Gods grants one the Gift of Power, and the Gift of Growth. There is a God to worship for almost anything, but the major pantheon is defined by eight major shrines set up in cities...
  11. Hana

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Nemini Crede (Trust Nobody) - A Platinum Gijinkalocke

    NEMINI CREDE (trust nobody) [ON DEVIANTART] [TUMBLR BLOG] [COMICFURY] An insecure self depreciating teenager tries to get as far as she can through the Sinnoh league while dealing with terrorists and eldritch gods. And trying not to get her team killed. - Hi I'm Hana, community lurker...
  12. DIO

    Comic Video Sinnoh Mixed Media Teen Gijinka Mon Sinners of Sinnoh: An Animated Pokémon Platinum Nuzlocke

    Sinners of Sinnoh An Animated Pokémon Platinum Nuzlocke Coming 2023 (before Hazbin Hotel)! 100 years ago, a scientist in Kanto fused human and Ditto DNA, creating the gijinka. Though only making up a fraction of Sinnoh's population, these hybrids are now seen as equals among Pokémon and...
  13. goldenskald

    Written Story Unova Teen Gijinka Renegade of Ideals(Randomized Classlocke)

    Hello everyone this is my advice; always take notes when you do nuzlocke runs. Because then, when you realize you had nothing truly planned for NaNoWriMo on November 1st, you can just take it and roll with it. This is a Randomized Gijinka Classlocke of Pokemon White. Not too unlike my current...
  14. Of Haste and Heraldry: Prologue 1

    Of Haste and Heraldry: Prologue 1

    Oooold Prologue page drawn up in early 2017. The quality will get better I swear.
  15. "Absolutely Certain"

    Written Story Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Gijinka [IDYLLICA] I require assistance.

    Good evening. I cannot give you my real name, but after some research, I find myself fond of the alias Doris, and the pronouns she and her. So you may refer to me that way. I am fully aware this thread might not receive much attention. I certainly don’t mind that possibility. Simply seeing...
  16. Yell!

    Written Story Galar Mature Gijinka Don’t Blink: A Pokémon Shield Storylocke

    Rules: Name every caught Pokémon. If one faints it’s considered dead and must be boxed. Only one catch per route. Dynamax raids count as first encounters and can only be used to catch Pokémon if they are found before anything else.
  17. Ryua

    Comic Kalos Mature Gijinka Halfblood - A Gijinka Y Nuzlocke

    WARNING: This thread is not intended for younger viewers. The characters yell, argue, swear, fight, and die. There are hella mature themes all over this thing. Alrighty then, let's get back into this. I started this run a long time ago, and I am determined to finish it. Maybe one or two of you...
  18. ganonboar

    Comic Hoenn Mature Gijinka Guardian- An Omega Ruby Gijinkalocke

    HEY HEY HEY WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF GUARDIAN THE GREAT GIJINKALOCKE WITH A DUMB BIG BROTHER WHOS A STONER AND A tinnie tiny baby siter :} but really this is my nuzlocke comic that ive been working on for about 2 years now ?? theres 10 pages up, so im just gonna post em all in this post cause im...
  19. dv9l

    Comic Hoenn Teen Gijinka Star-Crossed: An Emerald Nuzlocke

    This nuzlocke comic has been discontinued. Thank you for supporting this comic through the years but I've decided that I can't continue the comic as it is. If I were to ever touch this run again in a serious capacity, I'd need to reboot the whole comic, emphasize on the "ever". This thread is...
  20. "Absolutely Certain"

    Other Media Mixed Media #001 (Ultimate Communitylocke)

    even though Pantsing's going through extravaganza right now and is in desperate need of updating, i've decided that i don't have enough runs! I recommend reading the below spoiler to understand this run a bit more, as well as understanding why the style is... the way that it is. GAME...