general discussion thread

  1. Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Here we are again for Tier 5 of Friendship Café! Talk about whatever you want, whenever you want. As with the last thread, the one who makes the 1000th post will be in charge of the next thread. Get to it first, before they do. (Find the previous thread here.)
  2. sugar heart

     Friendship Café ★★★★

    ladies and gentlemen, and anyone in between, we have reached the fourth dimension level of friendship cafe this time, we need but one thousand (1000) posts to yeet this thread up to the 5th level of cafe heaven g o n u t s (last thread here)
  3. Alchemy

     Friendship Café ★★

    You know what to do, everyone! Whoever is the first to get 300th milestone post on this thread gets the highly honoured privellage of upgrading the Café to its third level! Just don't be like me and end it on an anticlimatic note... Mod Edit: The previous thread may be found here.
  4. Jimcloud

     Friendship Café★

    Hey there! This is our general hangout thread! Please be sure to read the rules carefully before joining in, and have fun! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: UPGRADE THE FRIENDSHIP CAFÉ TO ★★ TIER! The poster who reaches the 100th reply in this thread will be eligible for upgrading the Friendship Café to...