general art

  1. Happy Pride 2019, from FYR!

    Happy Pride 2019, from FYR!

    Happy pride 2019! To all my fellow gays, queers, transfolk, and beyond who read this comic, I hope you have a wonderful month and a wonderful life. These kiddos are marching for you and showing off their colors, haha! So let's show our pride! \(^o^)/
  2. Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. These Kids Are Hangin' Out!

    These Kids Are Hangin' Out!

    My submission for @Winterspheonix's Hang In There Collab! Here we've got my two nuzlocke kiddos, Cedar the mudkip and Olive the bulbasaur, hangin on in there!
  4. Good Water Kids

    Good Water Kids

    Did this as a gift for the lovely LionheartedPhoenix! Lion's been doing such lovely art of our characters together that I just had to jump into it too. This was so fun to do, so thanks! Noah the popplio and Delphi the mudkip belong to Lionheart. Cedar the mudkip and Selkie the popplio belong to me!