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gen 8

  1. WolvenMist

    Comic Galar Teen Gijinka Kindred Spirits - A Shield Gijinkalocke

    Audrey claims she's content with her simple small town life, until an old friend shows up and offers her a chance to compete in the region's annual magic tournament. Along the way, Audrey finds herself caught up in the mystery of the region's forgotten past, as strange visions and nightmares...
  2. sunflower


    POKÉMON SWORD & SHIELD: OH, LIONHEART Growing up in the sleepy town of Postwick, Gloria has always dreamed of adventure. One fateful day, whilst searching for a friend in the forest just beyond the outskirts of home, her twin brother Victor and childhood best friend Hop discover mysterious...
  3. Nate

    Video Sinnoh Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Blind Shining Pearl Nuzlocke!

    Hey, everyone! Team CobraStryke LightningBolt is back with a Blind Nuzlocke of Shining Pearl! Check it out! You can watch the VODs here:
  4. KitkatKK2

    Written Story Galar General Mon Clockwork: A Pokémon Sword Storylocke

    Hi! This is my first Nuzlocke that I recorded. I'm not the best writer, but I hope you can enjoy this nonetheless. In this run, beyond the regular rules, there's an extra rule that'll make it harder, and also pretty fun to write. Chapters will be pretty short and compressed, but I hope to...
  5. Couples-Consoling

    Video Galar Mature Commentary Mon Couple's Consoling Isle of Armor Nuzlocke!

    With the Isle of Armor DLC out, we're booting up the save file from our Blind Shield Nuzlocke to have Cumberbitch, the Onii-Champion, take on this new island full of... let's say challenges? Standard Nuzlocke rules, one Pokemon per area, nicknames, and if it faints, it's dead. Other than that...
  6. vernal

    Art Comic Written Story Let's Play Fan Teen CMYK - A Pokemon SWSH Rewrite

    Hi! I emerge from the quagmire, not with an update on my Nuzlite, but with a different project entirely. Are you tired of canon not fulfilling the potential it creates? Would you like to see one artist's take on the region of Galar, with a more fleshed out narrative? Well, look no further...
  7. Twitch


    nuzlockeforums - Pokémon Sword/Shield - Twitch Zero plays shield with tails and Polar!
  8. SnakeEyesDraws

    Comic Galar Teen Mon By the Sword - A Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    Oh boy here we go! Hello everyone! This is my first Nuzlocke comic, and webcomic in general oh boy. This comic is fresh out the oven started on Jan 19 2020! I've dreamed of making a Nuzlocke comic since I was 14 or so, and I'm so happy to finally be sharing a story of my own! By the Sword is...
  9. Nuzforums takes on Swsh Part2: Toddler in the Wild Area

    Nuzforums takes on Swsh Part2: Toddler in the Wild Area

    nuzlockeforums - Pokémon Sword/Shield - Twitch Zero plays shield with tails and kadew!