gen 2

  1. Anemone

    Screenshot Johto A Completely Ordinary Nuzlocke Playthrough of Pokemon Crystal

    are these screenshots tiny or is it just me hi! it's me again. you'd think after my personal deep dive into why I shouldn't document runs I'd, y'know, stop, but here I am what's the gimmick? I don't understand the question. this is a regular nuzlocke. there doesn't have to be a gimmick.
  2. E-bot

    Screenshot Johto Teen Commentary Mon Second Step - A Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke

    Introductions Pokemon Crystal is the game that truly introduced me and got me hooked into the Pokemon franchise when I was a kid. I had lots of fun playing it back in elementary school, and the sheer size of the game (comparable to other games during the time) kept me occupied for a considerable...
  3. Written Story Johto Mature Retro Wars: A Pokemon Plata Nuzlocke

    Pokemon Plata: It's Pokemon Silver, but everything is in Spanish and metric, and the AI is a dick. Content Warnings: Major character death, violence, gore, swearing (including foreign curse words), NSFW references Rules: 1. If a Pokemon faints, it dies. 2. You may only catch the first...
  4. Nenety

    Screenshot Johto General Commentary Learn the ABC with Pokémon! - A Pokémon Silver Alphabetlocke

    Nenety presents: This is it. I admittedly took way less time than I thought I would in order to come up with this particular challenge as the one to begin my nuzlocking career. Definitely not a simple run by any means, but mama ain't raisin' a pussy, that's for sure! Onto some more...
  5. JavierE64

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon [COMPLETED] The Last of Me: A Crystal Storylocke

    In a world Ravaged by the Legendaries, the one surviving human must traverse his Home Region of Johto in an dangerous adventure. With the help of his only friends, The Pokémon, he must face off against the dangers of the land, who are also Pokémon. Surprise, here´s a brand new Storylocke from...
  6. alan smithee

    Screenshot Johto Commentary Hack The Official Unofficial Super Duper Radical Pokémon Perfect Crystal Nuzlocke: Spooktacular Edition

    Hi hello yes my name is alan smithee, and I enjoy playing baby games for children while placing arbitrary restrictions upon myself in order to make the experience more """fun""". One such baby game for children is Pokémon Perfect Crystal, a ROM hack that attempts to create the definitive Gen II...
  7. cyndakip

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon [COMPLETED] The Phoenix: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    A year ago today, I finally stopped lurking and started posting my very first Nuzlocke, The Scientist! Today, after a wonderful year of being part of this community and improving as a writer, I'm very excited to start posting the sequel! ...Yes, sequel. You won’t get the full enjoyment out of...
  8. GoGoGogoat

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack [REMASTERED] Luminary - a New Gold 2012 run

    Welcome to my third Nuzlocke run! This run was originally played and written in 2015 and 2016. New Gold 2012 is a hack of the original Gold by ericgall23, set 100 years after the Gen 2 games and featuring a super-futuristic, heavily urbanized Johto. Zaazaa0 did a brief, unfinished run...
  9. nuclear-smash


    (everything was in general Cammy White's head, there was no such thing as "pokemon") (also that Veemon has 2 armour evolutions and also can turn into Ulforce Veemon X-antibody)