1. SilverDoe

    Written Log [UCL2] A New Challenge(r) Approaches! x7 - Gauntlet Mode

    Hey there everybody! I’m doing a gauntlet challenge for UCL season 2. I was having trouble deciding on what type of challenge to do because I was worried that I’d lose interest in playing the same kind of nuzlocke through seven games. Thus, I chose the gauntlet, which will hopefully keep me...
  2. DrakeX

    Video Written Log [UCL 2] A Country's Unique Culture - GauntletLocke

    G'day to all you esteemed people and welcome to my attempt (Also my first) at this year's Ultimate Communitylocke A Country's Unique Culture - GauntletLocke Time Stamp: July 12th of 2019, 09:15 UTC+01:00 Expiry Date: July 11th of 2020, 23:59 UTC+01:00 In this challenge I will play one game...
  3. Tired Pigeon

    Written Log [UCL2] Tired Pigeon's Gauntlet

    Hi everyone! I am Tired Pigeon and this is my first time participating in an event here at the forums! I decided on taking the Gauntlet challenge, and my games will be played like this: I started with Sun wedlocke because this is the most annoying game in my opinion. I CAN'T STAND THAT...