1. Pale smoke

    Written Story Teen I'd curse the gods if they weren't my pokemon - A pokemon Gaia Lorelocke

    Oh look at that, i started another nuzlocke Anyway a bit of a warning for a bit of swearing, not very often though. Also body horror, a bit of body horror. Anyway the rules! And with that, onto the story Cw: Slight body horror Herakles, huh? Fitting. "Well Herakles, we're going to...
  2. REDalchemist

    Screenshot Fan Game 🌏Plus Gaia!🌏 - [Pokemon Gaia Randomizer Nuzlocke]

    Konichiwa weebs 👋 I started a Gen 8 Randomizer to play through the Galar region and Gamefreak said SIKE , and released DLC that might be pivotal to my run so now I gotta slow progress on that and do something else. AND HERE WE ARE! I'm gonna be going through Pokemon Gaia cause I played it a...
  3. Toyotasomi no Miko

    Screenshot Fan Game Hack Rocks Fall, Pokémon Faint; Toyo Nuzlockes Pokémon Gaia!

    Howdy! Looks like people are new here, so I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Toyo. Toyo the Toyo. I'm a guy who likes rom hacks and other fangames and will play them for fun and nonprofit. Profiting off of this isn't my goal. Well, with money. But anyways. Pokémon Gaia! It's a pretty...