1. energyball3

    Video Kalos Pokemon Y Wedlocke

    Hi. This is my first Wedlocke (or any challenge) that I'm posting somewhere, so I'm pretty nervous. I'd consider myself a Nuzlocke veteran, having attempted over 25 -locke challenges (though having completed less than ten, and won probably 6 or 7). Enough rambling, though. Let's get to why I'm...
  2. mitzirocker

    Screenshot Kanto Commentary DANTE'S INFERNO [Yellow] [Attempt #1]

    You know, I'd like to get back into nuzlocking and regular writing, but I don't have the time to do anything too ambitious writing-wise, so I'll do a silly screenshot run! Screenshot runs are fun! Pokemon is fun! These new genlocke rules I found look really fun! Still... Something's missing...