fossil fighters

  1. TheTRUEgge

    Screenshot Let's Play Fossil Fighters Champions But it's a Nuzlocke

    Been a while, eh? That’s mostly my fault–I took a break from the run and then had a wrist issue that forced me to step back from creative stuff. But now I’m BACK and ready to get this party started! Fossil Fighters was one of my favorite childhood games, but Fossil Fighters Champions is one of...
  2. Bobbi

    Screenshot Let's Play General Pokémon Except it's Dinosaurs

    Every kid thinks dinosaurs are the most awesome thing that ever existed. Don't lie to me, I know you did at one point. And because I'm still a kid at heart, we'll play with some dinosaurs! I prefer the real dinosaur game. I said the real dinosaur game. Perfection.