1. Ymir

    Written Story Hoenn General Gotta Cook 'Em All

    The Pokemon league was plagued with people looking to further their careers. The amount of lawyers who'd picked up a Pokemon and were on their way to challenge the league increased every year. There was every type of John Doe rising up to the challenge: architects, economy majors, licensed...
  2. eshweee

    Video Galar Teen Mon eshweee's ongoing stream series (Pokemon Sword)

    Heya friends! :leechseed: Eshweee here! Thanks for dropping by to check things out - I'm an Sydney-based, Gen III Pokemon Ranger (forever in training) currently streaming my challenge weekly on Twitch. I've wanted to complete a Nuzlocke run for the longest time, so in prep for Brilliant...
  3. Hydrochlorinate

    Kanto Written Log Mature Commentary Mon The Golden Corral: A Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke

    So im doing this nuzlocke because my computer decided it wanted to take a hike for a while and I wasn't able to put my Mobius emerald save onto docs, preventing me from using my phone for playing it. this was actually supposed to be posted like 2-3 months ago but procrastination buffered me...
  4. Tailsimp

    An Imp Attempts to Cook

    Heyo all~ I'm just gonna get right to the point: I'm a pretty bad cook. I can cook a few things, but can usually only pull off barebone basic dishes like spaghetti with premade pasta sauce or pancakes. But this year I wanna break away from that so I made a New Years resolution to cook 40 new...
  5. Chess

    Recipe talk thread

    Look I don't have a fancy title or prompt for this but SOME PEOPLE on this forum HAVE SOME GOOD RECIPES on hand, and I would like to see them Please post any and all recipes here for safe-keeping, sharing, and bragging. Also food pics And here's a chocolate chip cookie recipe to start things off