1. NobleJanobii

    Written Log Spin-off General Commentary Other Adventure Mon Get Fit Colosseum - a Pokémon Colosseum Art & Fitlocke

    Hello everyone! So recently, I was struck with the urge to play Pokémon Colosseum. I've attempted to beat this game a couple times in the past, but as a kid I was never able to make it past Cipher Peon Skrub (the irony) and when I attempted to emulate the games a couple years back, the file got...
  2. glancesherlock

    Alola Written Log General Commentary Incineroar and I Go to the Gym (at Home)

    So before all of this happened (you know, this) I was going to the gym on the regular. Was trying to lose weight both for health reasons and for my bestie's wedding later this summer--I'm the maid of honor. I was working with a personal trainer and actually making good progress! Then everything...
  3. Rainbow Robin

    Screenshot Kanto General Rainbow Robin's Cool Fitlocke For Attractive People (Yourself Included): Fat Pikachu Edition

    I haven't actually watched/read/consumed Homestar Runner, I just know of the title and thought it was hilarious so I stole it. Sue me. Please don't. *** *** "But Robin, what about Found Family?" "Well, little Timmy, I don't know what to do with Found Family, so go back to the cupboard and...