first-time storyshot

  1. Queen Clefable

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto General Hack Pyre's Adventure: A Fire Red Extended Run

    Salutations, Nuzforum! Queen Clefable here. Lurked around for a while and wanted to give this a shot. Originally wanted to do a Fire Red run, but then I came across this little gem of a game: Apparently, this is an enhanced and altered version of Fire Red. I've got very fond memories of the...
  2. Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Mon Whispers and Bells

    Hey, everyone. I'm very new to trying to make stories work, so please enjoy and let me know what you think. Whispers and Bells is a Dark/Dragon Locke through Storm Silver. The rules are pretty basic, but the game is going to be hard enough to manage while trying to make sure I get all the...
  3. Tookie

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Cockroach- Has Isekai gone too far?

    Hello, and welcome to... yeah. Veteran Isekai protagonist in a world where everything he knows is a lie. Gonna be fun! Heads up; this one may end up alluding to The Violences down the road, though if anything particularly Heads Up-worthy crops up in specific posts CWs will be applied. Fingers...