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  1. bubba485

    Kanto Mixed Media General Mon My First Ever Nuzlocke (Fire Red)

    Part I: The Game, the Rules, and the First Steps Hello fellow Nuzlockers, both new and seasoned veterans, I'm bubba485, long time fan and player of the Pokémon games. I have never done a Nuzlocke before, but I have watched a few videos on YouTube, mainly the two runs done by Jaiden Animations...
  2. Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke (Page 1)

    Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke (Page 1)

    Page 1! Hope you enjoy!
  3. Screenshot Kanto Commentary A Filthy Casual's first FireRed nuzlocke

    Why am I doing this? Cause it'll be fun :hurr: RULES With those out of the way kanto nuzlocke #65621546 begins