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  1. Paradox Roxy

    Hoenn Written Log Commentary Mon Chaos Phantasia- A Pokemon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

    Hello all! I'm Paradox Roxy, and welcome to my first ever Nuzlocke! Yes, I've never done a Nuzlocke before- but Inspiration and Confidence have struck! Pokemon Omega Ruby is a game I have a fair bit of knowledge on, and it's- according to most- one of the easier games to nuzlocke- thus a...
  2. Sillyseth14

    My first nuzlock

    Hello. I am doing my first nuzlock in ultra moon and I would like some advice. I am playing with standard nuzlock rules like dupes and shiny clause. I am playing with no items In battle and no over leveling. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do. Also this is a nuzlock that I am doing...
  3. Dravos Argentium

    Screenshot Unova General Commentary Mon What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - White Vanilla

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - A Pokemon White vanilla Nuzlocke run Hello anyone and everyone! My name is Dravos, and I will be attempting, for the first time, in front of a live* studio** audience, a Nuzlocke. As someone who's been part of the fanbase for a long (long) time, I've of course...
  4. Hotdog41

    My First Pokemon Nuzlocke! (A Pokemon Ultra Moon Nuzlocke)

    Hi! I am Hotdog41! And I will be doing my first Pokemon Nuzlocke! I have decided to Nuzlocke Pokemon Ultra Moon. For the Alola games have been my favorites from what i have played. I know Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are considered pretty hard to Nuzlocke, *cough* Ultra Necrozma...
  5. bubba485

    Kanto Mixed Media General Mon My First Ever Nuzlocke (Fire Red)

    Part I: The Game, the Rules, and the First Steps Hello fellow Nuzlockers, both new and seasoned veterans, I'm bubba485, long time fan and player of the Pokémon games. I have never done a Nuzlocke before, but I have watched a few videos on YouTube, mainly the two runs done by Jaiden Animations...
  6. niightear

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon [HIATUS] Simple Beginnings - A LeafGreen Nuzlocke

    note: this nuzlocke has been restarted; everything here is for the restarted run! the og run didn't get that far, for those who didn't see before: the team consisted of a hasty male bulbasaur named waltz who got to level 7, a relaxed male pidgey named blue (route 1 capture) who was caught and...
  7. Kamekkouskous

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary FireRed: Forging Ahead!

    Greetings, The Nuzlocke bug has bitten once more, so I'm back on the forums to share the tales of my hardcore journeys with y'all! Each of my past Nuzlocke attempts, which were accompanied by hilarious and/or highly engaging commentary and minor storytelling on the old forums, did not go so...
  8. Video Let's Play Teen First Nuzlocke ever! [Pokemon Insurgence] [Video Series]

    Hello guys, so I started my first ever Nuzlocke on stream and I'm making it a edited YouTube series! Every type of help or Feedback is appreciated! I'm going to update this Thread with new Episodes every time i release one, but you can also Subscribe to get notified! #1: #2:
  9. HanChat

    Video Hoenn Commentary My First Nuzlocke Run - Pokemon Emerald

    Hi all, First of all, I have to say that this community seems awesome, and I'm super excited to have found it. I recently decided to start my first ever nuzlocke run on Pokemon Emerald (+randomizer) and post it on youtube. I'll be posting the episodes here daily, and I'd love to get your guys'...
  10. lucas2

    Written Story Kalos General Mon The First Challenge (an Original Nuzlocke Story)

    This is a Pokemon X Nuzlocke, and my second attempt! (Hopefully, I don't wipe to Battle Girl Hedvig again, ugh) If i win this one it'll actually be my first ever completed Nuzlocke (I wiped a lot) so buckle your belts and let's ride! INFORMATION Game: X MC: Lucas (Serena) Rivals: Shauna, Calem...
  11. GamerKahuma

    Video Kanto Teen (My First Ever!) LetsPlay FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge Randomized! - Updated 6/23/2020 (Ep 9. Guess Who's Back!?)

    Thanks for checking out my post guys (and gals!) This is my FIRST LetsPlay ever and I decided to do it with Pokemon FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge Randomized! I've watched tons of them online but never have been able to play one myself until recently and thought I'd share with everyone!
  12. Nenety

    Screenshot Johto General Commentary Learn the ABC with Pokémon! - A Pokémon Silver Alphabetlocke

    Nenety presents: This is it. I admittedly took way less time than I thought I would in order to come up with this particular challenge as the one to begin my nuzlocking career. Definitely not a simple run by any means, but mama ain't raisin' a pussy, that's for sure! Onto some more...
  13. Screenshot Kanto Commentary A Filthy Casual's first FireRed nuzlocke

    Why am I doing this? Cause it'll be fun :hurr: RULES With those out of the way kanto nuzlocke #65621546 begins
  14. QuietGuardian

    Written Log Hoenn [Completed]Conquerors: An Emerald Written Log

    When I first got into Nuzlocking, I was excited at the prospect of taking a game with extra rules and making a story out of it. However, as I got into doing so, I discovered more and more possibilities for things to work on, and the adaptation of my first ever Nuzlocke run—an Emerald storylocke...