fire red

  1. Noirstruck

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Mon Firestarter - A Pokemon FireRed run

    Right. So. First run on these forums. Figured I'd go for a screenshot run. I have plans for other runs on the forums, but I want to do this one first. But it's nice to meet you, got a few names I go by, but Will's the one I'm using for this run. Firestarter will be a pretty basic nuzlocke...
  2. Black Viper

    Written Log UCL [UCL 4] Snaking My Way (Chainlocke)

    Right, let's get this started while I still feel some amount of momentum and before it's December and I've not done anything yet. Games: Alternate 1 - Fire Red, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Black, Black 2 We'll be starting out with... Pokémon Diamond. Why? Well, mostly because it was the game...
  3. apocalypsewriter

    Written Story Kanto Teen Hack Mon Down Came the Rain - A Randomized FireRed Apocalocke

    Hello! I wasn't sure if I should do this, because I've already posted several chapters of this run elsewhere before joining. Still, as I'm trying to get more comfortable in a new place, I figured sharing my run as it is (and will be) might help me fit in here! I know it's a lot in one first...
  4. potatoisgood03

    Comic Kanto Teen NUZLOQUEST: A Fairly Different Fire Red Nuzlocke "Comic"

    Hi! I'm potatoisgood, and this is my little Nuzlocke adventure called NUZLOQUEST. If you clicked on this thread, it is likely you're wondering what makes it so different from other Fire Red Nuzlocke comics. Well, I'd say it's the place where it is hosted and how it works. NUZLOQUEST is hosted...
  5. bread

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto Teen A Totally Normal FireRed Nuzlocke

    Uhh, Hi! Just another FireRed run, nothing to see here~! Walks away while whistling... I will ATTEMPT to be consistent with this, but who knows, maybe I'll drop this like a hot potato... Also totally didn't accidentally post this thread before I was done with this, and you can't prove it!
  6. MorbidPistachio

    Written Story Kanto Gijinka A Slice of Nuzlocke Story, Starring Green

    Whelp. Here we go. I've been dying to do a Nuzlocke since forever, and for some reason I finally worked up the courage to start one! That run ended by me wiping out to Blue in the champion fight. So here's a way for me to practice my (very rusty) writing chops as I go through the events of my...
  7. Yami

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Off The Rails! - A Kanto Story

    Hello everyone! I’m Yami, and this is a Randomizer run of Fire Red! I’ve been in the mood to get back into writing, and so this is sort of a testing ground to see how it goes! Please ignore the fact that I said the exact same thing about my Random Sapphire run and Pokémal playthrough. THIRD...
  8. DreamNotePrincess

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Gleaming Red: Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke

    Gleaming Red A Pokémon Fire Red Nuzlocke Cover made by my good friend Erekio Summary: Nathaniel Rossi or Neth by his friends is ready to start his journey with his starter, the quiet and shy Morganite, or Morgan the Bulbasaur. However, his old friend Miles is also starting his journey, but has...
  9. Lady Venamisa

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto General Mon Growing Up: A Randomized Fire Red Adventure!

    Hello, everyone. I used to Nuzlocke a long time ago, but decided to leave for a variety of reasons. I attempted Readers-Add-Rules runs that never left the ground, and a Poverty Run that got cut short, among other things. I was disheartened to see what had become of the original forum, but I'm...
  10. komugi

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Gijinka just a normal little moemon forever v3 run :3

    helloooo ... :shy: i'm kind of new here (as in i had an old account before the forum change and would make some runs of my owns that i never finished cuz i was lazy www..) andd since i also have a decent amount of free time, i recently got back to playing old hacks i used to be obsessed with...
  11. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    Hello, everyone! welcome to my first nuzlocke thread on the new forums! It's been... so long since i ever thought about stepping foot into this place, i always thought back to the nuzlocke threads i posted on the previous forums, and that i abandoned, and the good ol' poster's guilt bit me and i...
  12. goldenskald

    Comic Kanto Teen Gijinka Of Haste and Heraldry (FR Gijinka Classlocke)

    A race between childhood friends Adi and Griff for fame and for glory. An order of knights fallen from grace. A misadventure unravels much faster then they expected. Update Schedule: Once or Twice Every Few Months Last Update: 7/27/2020 --- Prologue P-1 P-2 P-3 Come back later...
  13. GamerKahuma

    Video Kanto Teen (My First Ever!) LetsPlay FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge Randomized! - Updated 6/23/2020 (Ep 9. Guess Who's Back!?)

    Thanks for checking out my post guys (and gals!) This is my FIRST LetsPlay ever and I decided to do it with Pokemon FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge Randomized! I've watched tons of them online but never have been able to play one myself until recently and thought I'd share with everyone!
  14. boomdidiyadah

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Screenshot Nuzlocke speedrun [Story%]

    Alright gamers let's jump into it. Clock is already ticking so I gotta be brief and not correct typos unless they really annoy me. Speedrunning posting my nuzlocke on the forums in a screenshot run format. I'm doing Story%, which means I must include a narrative that contains basic elements such...
  15. Kinetic Kimo

    Comic Kanto Teen Speechless - A slightly tweaked Fire Red Nuzlocke Challenge

    Hello beautiful peoples! You've found your way to the thread for Speechless, a nuzlocke comic depicting a young trainer's trek through scenic Kanto where no one seems to speak with actual words! Please let me explain. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Deviantart * Comic Fury Enjoy~
  16. Written Log Kanto General Commentary Hack Mon Fire Red 386 - My adventure in Kanto but it's inhabited by all the pokémon

    Hello, everyone! Thank you for even clicking this thread! I've been nuzlocking for some time now, but this is the first time I'm gonna share my run and I hope it won't be boring. I'm nuzlocking a hack of Fire Red, called Fire Red 386. It allows you to get all pokémon from gens 1-3 before Elite...
  17. WildfireWhim

    Comic Kanto General Gijinka Pocket Space [a FireRed gijinka comic]

    Pocket Space Just some kids on a summertime adventure that may or may not go terribly wrong Started: 10/01/2016 | Last updated: 10/31/2020 DEVIANTART | TUMBLR | KOFI | COMICFURY Table of Contents
  18. Squiggy Azalea

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary NONVIABLE POKEMON: FIRE RED EDITION

    hi gamers its me :] your friendly gamer squiggy :] today im here to post my first ever run in here and its going to be a fire red nuzlocke oh my god!!!!!!!! but it's not going to be a simple nuzlocke it's going to be a SUPER HARD nuzlocke!!!! okay now that the rules are done we can...