fire red hack

  1. Queen Clefable

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto General Hack Pyre's Adventure: A Fire Red Extended Run

    Salutations, Nuzforum! Queen Clefable here. Lurked around for a while and wanted to give this a shot. Originally wanted to do a Fire Red run, but then I came across this little gem of a game: Apparently, this is an enhanced and altered version of Fire Red. I've got very fond memories of the...
  2. Genesis

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Fervent Death Wish - Genesis' Hack Showcase #2

    with jenna and beverly ascending to the heavens i can finally do a nuzlocke of a GOOD rom hack welcome people who even bother to read this to Fervent Death Wish, in which i make a deal with the devil whilst playing Liquid Crystal, one of the good OG rom hacks created by these awesome people...
  3. Crusticus

    Screenshot Kanto Mature Commentary Hack Speechless - a Nameless Fire Red Hard Difficulty Nuzlocke (or three)

    Hey everyone, I decided to start a new run of POKEMON NAMELESS FIRE RED. Mostly as an in-between from making my OWN Fire Red hack and to see how another popular fire red hack handles things. I plan on using this as a pseudo-review run, so I may go on tangents about what I do or don't like with...
  4. Crusticus

    Ongoing Pokemon Hack Fire Red Hack Pokemon Fire Red XL

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my thread for my new ROM hack: Pokemon Fire Red XL. Plans, Features, and More Pokemon Fire Red XL isn't going to be another 386/493/649/809+ etc hack. No. That's too much. SwSh opened my eyes. I am saying that 100% unironically. This game is supposed to be an...