fire red hack

  1. leonathemoth

    Let's Play Let's Play Radical Red!

    Hello everyone! I'm Leona and we'll be playing Radical Red! It's a really fun and difficult rom hack of FireRed. I know, I know, everyone and their dog's grandma has hacked FireRed but Radical Red is probably the epitome of what one can do with the engine and game. This is version 3.1 and if...
  2. Queen Clefable

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto General Hack Pyre's Adventure: A Fire Red Extended Run

    Salutations, Nuzforum! Queen Clefable here. Lurked around for a while and wanted to give this a shot. Originally wanted to do a Fire Red run, but then I came across this little gem of a game: Apparently, this is an enhanced and altered version of Fire Red. I've got very fond memories of the...
  3. Genesis

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Fervent Death Wish - Genesis' Hack Showcase #2

    with jenna and beverly ascending to the heavens i can finally do a nuzlocke of a GOOD rom hack welcome people who even bother to read this to Fervent Death Wish, in which i make a deal with the devil whilst playing Liquid Crystal, one of the good OG rom hacks created by these awesome people...
  4. Crusticus

    Screenshot Kanto Mature Commentary Hack Speechless - a Nameless Fire Red Hard Difficulty Nuzlocke (or three)

    Hey everyone, I decided to start a new run of POKEMON NAMELESS FIRE RED. Mostly as an in-between from making my OWN Fire Red hack and to see how another popular fire red hack handles things. I plan on using this as a pseudo-review run, so I may go on tangents about what I do or don't like with...
  5. Crusticus

    Ongoing Pokemon Hack Fire Red Hack Pokemon Fire Red XL

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my thread for my new ROM hack: Pokemon Fire Red XL. Plans, Features, and More Pokemon Fire Red XL isn't going to be another 386/493/649/809+ etc hack. No. That's too much. SwSh opened my eyes. I am saying that 100% unironically. This game is supposed to be an...