fire emblem

  1. greenchu

    Mafia Fire Emblem Pokemafia!

    What's the one thing people on this site like more than Nuzlocking? That's right, it's Fire Emblem. And what's the one forum game they like more than mafia? Why, it's Pokemafia of course. So hey, let's combine the two ideas and make Fire Emblem Pokemafia! (aka I am Ferdinand von Aegir Mafia) In...
  2. pluslefan

    Roleplay Fire Emblem: The Queen's Joust

    Greetings noble knights and riders one and all and welcome to the Joust! Your might is called upon in the tournament of champions once more, held deep in the heart of the mighty Valgorian Empire. In no less than three weeks' time, a tourney of the ages shall take place within the palace of the...
  3. Tookie

    Screenshot Blazing Genealogy: or, why child units completely break fe6 lmao

    Our goal is to complete the two-game combo of FE7 and FE6! This will be very fun. because the concept of me playing a fire emblem game absolutely vanilla just doesnt work, we're doing some patches! Specifically, I've changed promotion up to work a bit more like the fabled FE4- promoting no...
  4. SnackyTheSylph

    Screenshot Let's Play Amateur Hour: Trainwreck edition - Fire Emblem: Binding Blade Hard Mode Iron Man

    Hello! Uh, hi. I'm Snacky. You may know me from my Pokemon runs. Of course, that's what most people on here would be known for...but I also enjoy playing Fire Emblem. I'd call myself a casual, though. I've played all the games on GBA and 3DS (as well as, like, 2/3rds of Path of Radiance), on...
  5. Zaazaa0

    Fire Emblem Zeroes

    What would you do if you found yourself in a world all alone? Separated from everyone you know? You'd try to find a way out, right? But if there was no way out... What then? Welcome to the third attempt at FERP Heroes. For the uninitiated, it's like Fire Emblem Heroes, featuring your own...
  6. pluslefan

    Apps Closed Roleplay Fire Emblem: The Sheshire's Harvest RP

    Welcome! Welcome, Lords and Ladies to the land of the Silver Wolf beneath the Waning Moon, The Sheshire Alliance. In no less than three weeks' time, there will be a grand festival held at the ruling house of our Alliance, The House of Autumn Leaves, House Akiko. We invite you to feast and be...
  7. Eagleheart

    Written Story Screenshot Unova Teen Commentary Parts of Valor

    Hello everyone! So, the idea of a 'Fire Emblem-locke' has been stuck in my head for a while. After much pondering and planning, I'm finally doing it. I also see this as an opportunity to show off my writing chops. Parts of Valor General Rules Fainted Pokemon are casualties of war, and must be...
  8. CasualGameFreak

    Mafia Fire Emblem Awakening Mafia

    Hi everyone! It’s me once again, CasualGameFreak, Discord resident extraordinaire. And here I’m running another Mafia game based on a game I really like. To celebrate the success of Three Houses, I’m running a game based on another successful Fire Emblem game that was the first on its system...
  9. Eagleheart

    Video Games Fire Emblem

    How was there not a Fire Emblem thread yet? Oh well, there is one now. So... how 'bout that Three Houses? (tag spoilers, please)
  10. Eagleheart

    Screenshot Let's Play Mature fire emblem awakening no mercy run

    I asked Agastya if I could do this and they said ok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ disclaimer: this thread contains coarse language and FE: Awakening spoilers
  11. Tookie

    Screenshot Let's Play Mature Hack Old Man Dorcas Takes On FE6- The Dorcas Emblem Sequel!

    I know! Nobody expected this to happen, and yet, here we are! To summarise: The Dorcas Emblem this is a sequel to (not to be confused with the Dorcas Emblem FE7 hack) was a... interesting FE7 run played on our... former hosts. The idea was I'd craft theory for a handful of optimized and...
  12. kittenrobotarmy

    Screenshot Let's Play FE9 MANLY Mode

    Hey there. In late 2017, I tried to do an all-male run of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Didn't get very far, but I was weak then. Primitive. Unable to focus and strive towards a goal. But now? ...Still all of those things, but whatever. Let's try again because I'm on a Fire Emblem kick and...