1. pluslefan

    Roleplay Fire Emblem: The Queen's Joust

    Greetings noble knights and riders one and all and welcome to the Joust! Your might is called upon in the tournament of champions once more, held deep in the heart of the mighty Valgorian Empire. In no less than three weeks' time, a tourney of the ages shall take place within the palace of the...
  2. Anemone

    Collaborative Apps Closed Roleplay Ghost Town: A Short FERP Adventure

    A small town, in a small country, in the middle of nowhere. It's safe to say that this is an unremarkable town among unremarkable towns. Right? The local lord has received reports of strange happenings around the farming town of Femble. Merchants that travel there are never seen again. There...
  3. Chess

    Collaborative Apps Closed Roleplay FE: Dereliction

    Disclaimer: Apps are open for current/returning players and may re-open down the line "Times are strange, indeed. The wars have all but ended and it's as if we've finally been allowed to breathe. To collect ourselves and look outward for the first time in more than a century. Or, least it...