1. Trollkitten

    Written Story Kanto Critique Lv.4 Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Through A Glass Darkly

    This story is part two of a Let's Go Eevee nuzlocke. It is strongly recommended that you read part one, Ori's Gift, before reading Through A Glass Darkly. Spoiler warning: this story contains elements introduced in Gen 9, including Pokedex spoilers from the late game. Rather than give a spoiler...
  2. MegaInfernape

    Written Story Kalos Mature Gijinka Hope Is Never Lost - A Gijinka Wedlocke of Pokemon X

    Hello! Thank you for deciding to read this mess I'm calling a story. As the title says this is a retelling of a Pokemon X wedlocke that I finished last year. Nothing more to say here really. It's storytime! Queen Diantha has been in power for years holding her grip on Kalos. Not everyone is...
  3. Erberor

    Written Story Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Hack Gijinka The Quiet Dark - A Gijinka story of Renegade Platinum - [MATURE]

    We are the Moontouched, given life by that most beautiful, gentle light, and watched over by the spirits of the countless stars. Once, we did not know the blinding radiance. We basked in the eternal moonlight, in our quiet darkness. Those nights are gone. Lost at The Break of Dawn. I was...
  4. Trollkitten

    Written Story Kalos Written Log Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Lines Crossed (INCOMPLETE)

    So @RubyClaw made this awesome lorelocke ruleset, and I've been playing several different games using this ruleset. But then sometime when I was working on a recent chapter of Ori's Gift, I started delving into the lore of an Unova/Kalos/Galar war that's heavily based off of The Ruin Maniac...
  5. Lampette

    Comic Pokemon: Shadow of the Sun - A Pokemon fantasy fancomic (CW: Violence and dark themes)

    Long ago, in the world of Palaar... Twig is a young Sneasel who believes that she’s cursed. Born with a strange birthmark, and found abandoned in a cave as an infant, the denizens of her village regard her as a bringer of misfortune. Twig seems to believe it to be true--and after she’s abducted...
  6. cjapples

    Written Story Spin-off Teen Gijinka The Space Between Seconds

    The Space between Seconds A PMD: Explorers of Sky Gjinka storylocke Alex, holder of a strange artifact, is on the run from masked bandits and a mysterious past. When he rescues a half-drowned amnesiac, the two quickly form a partnership that will change the world as they know it. Will they be...
  7. Trollkitten

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Ori's Gift (COMPLETED; Through A Glass Darkly coming early 2023!)

  8. RedReaperPRJ

    Unova Mixed Media Teen Gijinka Grand Music Festival All-Stars! A Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Idolocke (ported)

    Alright, so i decided to start a new nuzlocke run. I have done it several times but these old runs were pretty boring, if i would say. So i decided to thrill myself with this twist. Thanks to ErynCerise for this Nuzlocke variant. First of all, i was interested in LLSIF after watching her...
  9. Erberor

    Written Story Unova Mature Gijinka All That We Are - A Gijinka Journal of Blaze Black

    Marked as [Mature] for violence and extreme emotional distress (depression, grief) They called us Beast-Kin, and cast us out. But before long, we were all Kindred to the monsters that ended our world. Little is known about what led to the Calamity that brought the world to ruin. Some say it...