1. Snowy_Calum

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon The Balance of Life and Death: A Pokemon Y Storylocke

    Hey all! Calum here, back with another story! This story is given from the perspective of 17-year-old Finlay, who begins his journey through Kalos with his beloved partner Pokémon. Naturally, the character is unaware of this to begin with, but this is a Nuzlocke. In addition, there will be a few...
  2. Nebbles

    Nebby's Fic Writing + Art Bonanza

    when i'm not pouring endless hours into playing video games, i spend endless hours writing about all of those viddy games i play! i pride myself as a writer, and i plan to showcase my current fics here on my ao3, with planned updates once i post a new story/chapter to my work...
  3. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Screenshot Sinnoh Written Log Mixed Media Teen Commentary Mon Jenga!

    Bad Photoshopping Banner By Me! Welcome to Jenga!: a castlocke of Pokemon Platinum, featuring the elderly-killing, door-despising, inimitable Vox Machina. If that name sounds familiar, either you have also invested literal weeks of your time into nerdy-ass voice actors playing Dungeons &...