1. Ebony redesign

    Ebony redesign

    by AoiSora19S
  2. Lucian and Shauntal's apparent lovechild

    Lucian and Shauntal's apparent lovechild

    by AoiSora19S
  3. DIO and Legaloli

    DIO and Legaloli

    by CodeBlackRin
  4. DIO and Lucian

    DIO and Lucian

    by ProfShiro
  5. Tailsimp

    An Imp's Nuz-related Fanart

    For awhile now I've been wanting to push myself to do more fanart for the nuzlocke stories I love- so why not make it a new years project? So every friday (save the last friday of the month) I'm gonna aim to upload a piece of nuzlocke fanart! This blog here is to keep it all in one place on the...
  6. DIO

    Art Showcase General Painted Pokedex

    EDIT: Project dead, sorry :( Ending the vitriol towards MS Paint once and for all by digitally painting all how-many-the-fuck-there are Pokemon in them. Drawing in MS Paint was getting physically and mentally straining, so now I'm using Clip Studio. Mirror links are hosted on Imgur because...
  7. vernal

    Art Showcase Fan Original vernal draws things: a thread

    hello! :D this is a place for me to post work that i do when i'm not working on my comic! (which is most of the time, OOPS) i draw a lot and i like sharing it, so here's where i'm gonna do that! thank you so much for viewing! here's the first few drawings, all done recently if not today...
  8. pinkshellos

    Art Showcase pinkshellos’ Art Gallery !

    Hi! Hello! This is a thread where I’m going to post art I make! It might not be updated often or anything. I just wanted to share my drawings :) I only have one drawing to post for now, cuz the rest of it is either old or not really relevant, although in the future I’ll be posting...
  9. Azelf

    Azelf's Art Corner

    Something overdue that I made in the old forum before it was tarnished by Tapatalk... This thread is where I'll share the cartoons and drawings I did from old to new. Most of these are Powerpuff Girls fanarts, but I plan on expanding upon the kind of fanarts I'll draw, and I'm also hoping to...