1. DIO

    Comic Fan Game Mature Hack Mon Out of Luck: A Pokémon Clover Nuzlocke Comic

    >Out of Luck A Pokémon Clover Nuzlocke Comic Coming soon™! When her illegitimate father's reality TV show is cancelled, Ariana finds herself in the unfamiliar Fochun region, sent on a mission to convince the woman who complained to change her mind. ABOUT It's no secret that I love...
  2. Sparklepop

    Advice Video Games Mysterious Pokemon Hack?

    I am trying to remember a Pokemon hack I played at like 13. It was released before Sun and Moon (maybe even before X/Y), and it had pretty much all Fakemon. I only played a bit of it. But the rival's starter in the first battle was wildly over-leveled (at around Lv. 10 or Lv. 15). I also...
  3. SprungGeoduck

    General The Create-A-Pokemon Challenge!

    THE CREATE-A-POKEMON CHALLENGE Join us on Discord! - https://discord.gg/tZreSBYRAv What is this? Something I've tried a couple of times now. You may remember a thread like this from the old Zetaboards forums, way back in the day. I also created a Discord server for it a year or so ago, but...
  4. Trollkitten

    Art Fan General Trollkitten Draws Pokemon Rumors As Fakemon (Sinnoh Edition)

    So, recently I got this idea to start following Pokemon rumors on YouTube and use them as drawing prompts, because while 95% of them are fake as a politician's promises, there are some pretty fun ideas in there, and it's a darn shame that so many of them will never see the light of day. (Also, I...
  5. Mega Togedemaru Gif by Kadew

    Mega Togedemaru Gif by Kadew

    @Kadew's Mega Togedemaru interpretation! Look at it rollin around at the speed of sound~
  6. DoctorRosalia

    Written Fan Yeehaw Fakemon

    So, if you noticed in the “your icon is a Pokemon” game, I made a Pokemon based off of Vergil. Well, I got a little carried away, and I made more of them. Enjoy. Which evolves into and Only Veragility can evolve into Using Unbind chain, Veragility splits apart into And
  7. ajpl

    Play by Post Your Icon Is Now a Pokémon

    Tell me about your new 'mon. Go as deep into mechanics or flavor as you like! Physical description, typing, ability, moves--anything goes! thread inspired by TrueZero2's icon (it made me think of Gallade and Bisharp, and those colors are just too good) Edit: Excellent entries yall :'O --...