1. Faction Eschatologist

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Iron sharpens iron - a Faustian Steel/Fairy Duolocke on Renegade Platinum

    So, I really wanted to do a more fast paced run, do something with a few type restrictions and try out a Drayano hack, so here we are. If I were a sensible person, this would have been a Written Log, or a Screenshot run. But I guess I like suffering so here's a story, I guess. Worst case...
  2. glancesherlock

    Written Story Galar Teen Brick by Boring Brick

    This is all @Whozawhatcha 's fault. Well, not her fault that it's written, but her fault that it's here. Cause I've been scared/embarrassed to show this to the forums, but then she went and posted The Applin of My Eye, and I thought... I need to grow a spine. This is a self-indulgent romcom...