1. sunburstblue

    Nuzlocke What's the longest you've raised a pokemon before it died?

    This is for the pokemon that have been on your team for so long that they leave a gaping hole in your team when they die. What's the largest number of levels you've raised a pokemon before it died? How much did its death hurt?
  2. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Pokemon you've lost respect for due to Nuzlockes

    So basically, what Pokemon have you grown to like less thanks to the challenge, whether it is because you used one and it was underwhelming or because it was annoying, or a bad opponent. For me, it is Mienshao. Thanks to my X Nuzlocke, I absolutely despise Mienshao, my least favourite gen5 mon...
  3. Shai_Hulud

    Ruleset Necrolocke

    Standard nuzlocke rules apply. Dead Pokemon can be reanimated by sacrificing (releasing) a number of Pokemon whose levels collectively sum to the level of the dead one. Example: a level 30 Pokemon can be revived by releasing a level 25 and a level 5. If a dead Pokemon is not resurrected...
  4. Memento

    Nuzlocke Post Your Graveyard.

    Well, not everyone can be saved. As the title states, post your graveyard for your Nuzlockes. It doesn't matter if it's not a run you're not planning on posting on or a run that you've been writing for a long time: all shall find solace here. So, post a tribute to the mons you've lost along the...