explorers of sky

  1. cjapples

    Written Story Spin-off Teen Gijinka The Space Between Seconds

    The Space between Seconds A PMD: Explorers of Sky Gjinka storylocke Alex, holder of a strange artifact, is on the run from masked bandits and a mysterious past. When he rescues a half-drowned amnesiac, the two quickly form a partnership that will change the world as they know it. Will they be...
  2. Griim

    Comic Spin-off Teen Gijinka Time Shift- PMD EOS Gijinka Nuzlocke

    Wrong Place... Wrong Time Gameplay Progress: Complete Comic Progress: Beach Cave | LV.5 Fate is a fickle thing, destiny is no different. It is not chosen but given without question. As the flow of time begins to shift and slow someone must make a choice. To act, or to let the world fall...
  3. Tokyo Oranges

    Screenshot Let's Play Teen Skies Everlasting - An Explorers of Sky Screenshot Adventure

    With the upcoming release of Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX my want to play a mystery dungeon game, as well as flex my creative muscles at the same time has been renewed. So I figured, why not play Explorers of Sky for about the hundredth time. There's no special rules or shenanigans or...
  4. Woo

    Comic Spin-off Teen Other Adventure On Borrowed Time - A PMD:EOS Nuzlocke

    Hi, just popping in real quick to say that several image links in this thread are currently broken! No need to worry, this is just because I've been updating page ratios/scaling for print. Once I've finished this, I'll update all the image links in the thread. In the meantime, if you're new and...