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  1. Zefalcon

    Pokemon Platinum Exclusionlocke

    We’re here again with Platinum version. Platinum added a lot of new things to gen 4. Move tutors, faster speeds, the Distortion World, better catch lists, and more. Before I get into the game, I have a long-winded announcement to make. If you're curious, read below, but tl;dr -...
  2. Zefalcon

    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Exclusionlocke

    Welcome back to the Exclusionlocke! We’re now entering the fourth generation with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. There are a few important changes to mention here. First and foremost, the Physical/Special split. Prior to this point, a move’s damage category was dependent on its type. For...
  3. Zefalcon

    Pokemon Emerald Exclusionlocke

    Hi, folks! Welcome back to Hoenn! Emerald didn’t change a huge amount, but the biggest changes are that we fight both teams and Wallace is the Champion. You’ve already voted that we’re doing the postgame Steven fight, so that will be included after we beat Wallace. With that said, there are...
  4. Zefalcon

    Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen Exclusionlocke

    Hey, everybody! Welcome back to the Exclusionlocke. It’s time for the first remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen. As remakes, there isn’t much new to discuss, but there are definitely some differences from Gen 1. Type matchups have been fixed, Dark and Steel exist, Special is split, Abilities...