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every region run

  1. Dee

    Written Log Teen Mon Dee's Grand Adventure

    Hello everyone, and welcome to… DEE’S GRAND ADVENTURE! What is the Grand Adventure, may you ask? Well, I’m going to be going way in-depth regarding the specifics down below, but here’s a “tl;dr”: I will be nuzlocking each of the following games in an order voted on by readers (struck...
  2. Yami

    Screenshot General [UCL3] [COMPLETED] Yami's World Tour 3: The ACTUAL Comeback Tour

    Welcome to my entry for the third Season of the Ultimate Communitylocke! I finished the first season back in 2017, but I only finished Kanto in season 2. Hopefully this will go better, and this will be a proper debut back to the forums again since the move to Tapatalk! I've been waiting all year...