1. SnakeWrangler

    Mixed Media General  Fall Fundraiser 2022 Part 2 - Nuzlocke Trailblazing

    Welcome everyone, it's time for Part 2 of our 2022 Fall Fundraiser! It's time to put all those rules made to the test, so to speak - now it's time to do what the forums were made for, and do Nuzlocke runs! Only... It'll be with someone else's ruleset! Because there's also a beauty in...
  2. SnakeWrangler

     Fall Fundraiser 2022 Part 1 - Nuzlocke Pioneering

    Hello everyone! Sorry for the slight delay as I have a terminal affliction called a full time job and I am very tired. But here is Part 1 of our 2022 Fundraiser! As per the announcement thread, this will be the thread for you to post your Nuzlocke rulesets and earn your Nuzlocke Pioneer badge...
  3. SnakeWrangler

    Announcement Nuzlocke Forums Fall Fundraiser 2022

    2022 Fundraiser Goal: $1201/$1500 Hello everyone! As the summer heat (blessedly) winds down and the Hidden Gems showcase gives us plenty to enjoy, we figure it's a good time to get some big forum happenings underway! As you know, since our move to XenForo we've been able to enjoy a ton of neat...
  4. localhoney

    Written Process The Nuzwriter's Lounge: Action Writing Panel & Workshop

    Hi, Nuzforums! Local here, to announce that the mod team over in the Nuzwriter's Lounge discord server is cooking up something! We're planning a hybrid open panel/workshop, centered around writing action scenes in storylockes! Now, of the infinite potential topics we could've picked, we tried...
  5. Bramble

    Fanwork Friday Hub

    Hi everyone! This thread is dedicated to the Fanwork Friday events held on the last friday of every month. Some of you might remember the original FWF event a few years back (credit to Revenant for that great idea). This is a revival of that. FWF is a chance for you to show your appreciation of...
  6. Garnet

    Written Log Mature [UCL3] Garnet Attempts To Actually Follow Through On A Nuzlocke

    Hello hello hello! I am back once again with a Nuzlocke (or rather series of Nuzlockes) that may or may not get finished. Leaning towards may, I hope, because I've learned to 1) write ahead a few updates so I have a backlog, and 2) take notes on a program that's not the forums, because as I...
  7. BubbleSkyes

    Written Log General [UCL3] Skye's First Nuzlocke in Every Region

    UCL Season 3 I've never completed a Nuzlocke before, and for some regions I've never even attempted one, so what better way to start than to do one in every possible region - right? I'll start easy with just the regular Nuzlocke ruleset, and while it's not really a rule of mine I probably...
  8. erk pls

    Screenshot Written Log Teen [UCL 3] HOLD SPACE TO FLY - A Flying Monotype

    ARRIGHT BITCHES I'M GETTING THAT SENSEI TITLE okay that's all the rules--WAAAAAAAAAIT 7. Shiny Clause notwithstanding, once a particular Pokemon has been used in one of the games of this run, it cannot be used for any other game. Am I going to regret this rule? Probably! LET'S DO IT!
  9. bread

    [MM] Mister M's Magnificent Masquerade!

    You raise the blade, you make the change You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane You lock the door And throw away the key There's someone in my head but it's not me Hello prospective players! I am pleased to announce an all new event coming to our little slice of the forums here, made for you creative...
  10. surfe

    Fire Red Hack Leaf Green Hack Halloween Hackathon - Project Kanto Defacement

    Hi! As you can maybe tell, Cybercrime Cafe has been rather inactive for quite a while... The keyboards are dusty, the seats are cold and empty, and the system remains tragically unhacked. I say it's high time we rebooted some servers, traced some IPs, injected some algorithms and other nonsense...