1. nrh banner.png

    nrh banner.png

    Banner for No Roads Home
  2. No Roads Home Cover

    No Roads Home Cover

    Cover for No Roads Home, a Colosseum Nuzlocke comic
  3. Fenix Reference

    Fenix Reference

    Reference for one of the protagonists of No Roads Home, Fenix the espeon.
  4. Pg 63

    Pg 63

    Going to have to go on a hiatus here until Jan 2020 but I wanted to get at least this page out b/c 1) I feel it's a nice place to pause and 2) I'm just lowkey proud of this page.
  5. Pg 62

    Pg 62

    Hey sorry this is so amazingly late. I made an announcement about it b/c my internet went out but it's been restored for awhile now and I just kept forgetting to get to this despite it being finished. Anyway, enjoy this girl. I will be posting the next page shortly.
  6. Pg 61

    Pg 61

    Considering she's supposed to be somewhere with a Gym, you can guess she's pretty far off~ Also! The sign was based off a sign at my old library! They had a local class (or art club?) paint the sign that said "Welcome to the Library!" with books! I tried to copy that but with flowers.
  7. Dee

    Written Story Spin-off Mature Mon The Dark We Carry: A Colosseum Storylocke

    (special thanks to @Agent Nein for the banner! c: ) Welcome to The Dark We Carry! This is a mature run based on my playthrough of Colosseum. It happens to be set in the same world as my other run Dear Diary, which you can read in that link right there! TDWC is a loose prequel, but in effect the...