1. greenbeanbottle

    Screenshot Hoenn Commentary GBB's Mono-Grass Nuzlocke Series - #01. Emerald

    Leg 01: Stone Badge ||| Next Leg 🡲 Hey there everyone! Welcome to something... completely different from what I've been doing before! While some may know me as the sixlocke guy, I wanted to try and change things up a bit and go back to my roots (pun intended) and start doing some...
  2. sir cottonee

    Screenshot Hoenn General My Name is Jonas

    What is this? It's an Emerald Factorylocke, told via screenshots. Check the title! What is a Factorylocke? It's a special ruleset made by @Dee that encourages the use of weird pokemon. Refer to this thread. What is a 'weird pokemon'? Dee has a list of 'unnatural pokemon' in above thread with...
  3. FerreTrip

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature Mon Hug It Out - An Emerald Softlocke (Oct. 9)

    Here we go, FT's posting another one of his weirdo runs. This time it's a...Softlocke? Wait, what's that mean? And "Hug It Out"? WTF? Ho boy, what strangeness is going to unfold THIS time...? Mmmmm...zzzzzz.... Alright, what about this one? Wow, he's HUGE! Quite the noble specimen...
  4. pluslefan

    Screenshot Hoenn Hack Roughing it in the Goof Zone

    Hello Nuzforums! It's been a while since I last posted a run, but since I did make a new hack it's only right that I give it a quick nuzlocke to see just how good a job I did at putting the game together. I'm sure it won't be too bad given my extensive knowledge of the hack and the changes I...
  5. King Smorgascake

    Hoenn Written Log Mature Of Pokemon And Pirates II - A Sea Dog Reformed

    Hello all. I'm back, this time with a sequel to Of Pokemon and Pirates - A SoulSilver Nuzlocke. The original background can be found in this thread, but I'll include a rough timelined background to this one, particularly as it's set years later. Unlike its predecessor, which featured 'King...
  6. HalfTimeShow

    Comic Hoenn Teen Gijinka Moeblobs- A Moemon Emerald Comic

    I’ve been wanting to do another nuzlocke for ages, but every time I try to document a run I end up scrapping it before I post it because I’m never satisfied with what I make. This time around, I decided to throw that attitude in the dumpster and do a comic anyway!
  7. Raderph

    Hoenn Mixed Media Teen Commentary A Ulysses of Hoenn (An Emerald Rando Nuz)

    Some time ago, in a land of ghosts and whisperings... Dang, me from four hours ago, you're right! Also it's almost 10 years at this point fuckin hell Anyway you know what else I've never actually done? Finished a randomizer run. So we're doing that! And I'm posting it now to actually hold...
  8. Echoplasm

    The Nuzlocke But I Add A New Rule After Every Important Battle - A Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke

    So recently my friend on pokemon showdown (this online pokemon battling site) recommended me to start playing a pokemon nuzlocke. They've actually written their own nuzlocke adventure on this site, Legends Of Hoenn, the link is...
  9. Akumu0

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Hack Legend in the Making: A Perfect Emerald Lorelocke

    Hello everyone. Name’s Akumu and I love Pokémon. I also love challenges. So naturally I want to do a Nuzlocke, but I don’t particularly like the basic version. I definitely appreciate it and love watching them. It’s just, well its not really for me. I love the variants. Reading about the...
  10. Zelad

    Video Hoenn General Commentary Hack A Strange New World - Zelad's Emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke Let's Play

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've known about this place for a while, posted a tiny bit a year or so ago, and decided I wanted to have another go at Nuzlocking. I was having so much fun that I decided to start a Let's Play video series. I hope it takes off and gets through to completion...
  11. Twi

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature Commentary going all in: a no-items-in-battle emerald nuzlocke

    it is time to make things ~spicy~
  12. Tai-Wind

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature Commentary Hack Mon Sh!tmons 2: Revenge of the Sh!ts

    hello, welcome back to my second run on this forum! "wait what do you mean back" well this is a sequel to the first run, Shitmons' Crusade, which nobody read and you can find through this link right here. it's not required reading for this run (unlike one piece), but if you do decide to read it...
  13. Screenshot Hoenn Shattered Prism- A Color Randomized Diverselocke

    Hello Phaserwolf here, Its been a long time since I have done a nuzlocke for an audience so i thought I would come back with a new ruleset for myself and hopefully an interesting one! (Especially after my last screenshot run ended abruptly due to a hard drive failure on my laptop)
  14. Nate

    Video Hoenn Fan Game Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Kaizo Emerald Nuzlocke

    Hey, everyone! Starting this week in Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt's Pokemon Wednesday slot, we will be doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Kaizo Emerald, a hack by SinisterHoodedFigure! We sure would appreciate it if you kept up with us! cobrastryke_lightningbolt,48530413
  15. Numbuh296

    Comic Hoenn Teen Tim's Very Ordinary Emerald Nuzlocke Run (Updated Mondays/Thursdays)

    Hey all! Thanks for checking out my Nuzlocke Run! I'm carrying over the run I started in the old forum. I figured since the hosting site moved, I might as well continue where I left off. Join Tim as he adventure's through the mysterious, brass-filled wilds of Hoenn. Out to become the best...
  16. Hydrochlorinate

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon [On Hiatus!] Green Eggs and Pasta: A Mobius Reacharound Emerald Nuzlocke

    Ok, here we go... Welcome to my nuzlocke of Mobius Reacharound Emerald! This is a Romhack created by @surfe that makes it so that every time a Pokemon levels up, it evolves into the next pokemon in the Pokedex. Sounds fun right? Here’s the kicker though. I’ve never played Emerald. I’ve...
  17. Dragge

    Written Log Hoenn Mixed Media Mon Dragge's Pokemon Emerald Adventure

    About me: Since im new here i think it would be appropriate to introduce myself. My name is Dragge and i've been a Pokemon fan ever since i saw the Pokemon anime on the TV as a child. Currently i'm 20 and I'm a university student, however my love for collecting those wacky creatures remained...
  18. TheLazyBaryonx

    Screenshot Hoenn When apes are tired of our bullshit so they revolt - Pokemon Emerald Randomizer Apocalocke

    Greetings i see you came to see my run Well this my first post here and i'm very anxious about doing this so I hope this go well If you have any Criticism or Advice please do tell me My first nuzlocke was a Pokemon emerald randomizer, It was like 2014 and I did okay until I lost everything...
  19. Eagleheart

    Screenshot Hoenn Commentary Nimbo vs. Climate Change - Randomized Emerald

    I fear this might be deleted for getting too "political", but... climate change is kind of a big deal. True, there's only so much the common person can do, but I'm tired of being mad at myself for doing nothing at all. So here's what I'm gonna do... I'm gonna do a Nuzlocke. And every time...
  20. YinYang9705

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature Taking on Hoenn, an Emerald Screenshotlocke

    Ever since I discovered nuzlockes a deacadish ago, I always wanted to publicly do one, show off my pokemon skills to the world you know? Since i am now of a legal drinking age, I figured its the perfect time to do this thing! with screenshots, because I cant draw since this is my 1st time doing...