1. SerenityVitality

    Written Story Let's Play Fan General Training is Magic - a Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! experience

    Welcome to my re-telling of Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! Featuring: some more additional elements, a dash of magic, loving on trainer (the female character) and her bff (an Eevee), centering the theme of discovering your true self, and only writing the parts I want to because there is a lot of...
  2. WIN_20200114_17_25_47_Pro.jpg


    First posted GTS Mon! Please help!
  3. Mopruk

    Comic Original Teen The Essence of Being - A Webcomic by Mopruk

    Hey all! I thought it might be cool if I shove this comic here as well. It's not exactly a nuzlocke (or even a game-based story for that matter), but I think some of you guys might like it! Here's the main website hosted by Comic Fury if you want to binge it, but all the updates are also down...
  4. Pika

    Comic Original Teen Haphazard!

    Growing up is hard. Wouldn't it just be better to run away? After a fateful run-in with a mew, eighteen-year-old Lily Stone finds herself far from home, stuck with an unfriendly incineroar, and more importantly, turned into an eevee. It seems like a dream come true -- until her family wants to...