1. Sarbear

    Comic Unova Teen Mon Atychiphobia - A Black/Black 2 Run

    Synopsis Only three trainers a year are allowed to participate in the League in recent years. Some attribute it to the League's recent decline, others see it as a response to the highly competitive Training climate in Unova. In a stroke of luck, three friends land those spots to take on the Gym...
  2. Zephyr_Iphis

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon The Night Grows Pale

    The Night Grows Pale A Sun & Moon Dual Nuzlocke About: Dual Protagonists, one from Alola and one from Johto, embark on the Island Challenge together. When long-time internet friends Makani and Azophi finally meet in person, it feels like life is taking a turn for the better. Along with Makani's...