dual nuzlocke

  1. llyarden

    Written Story Galar Mature Mon Amber Eyes In Neon; A Sword/Shield dual nuzlocke

    Because apparently I can't write a storylocke without doing some kind of radical change to the setting lol. But hey at least there are actually Pokemon in this one! Also, I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to Saylee's wonderful After Armageddon, which was a significant inspiration...
  2. llyarden

    Written Story Kalos Critique Lv.3 Teen Gijinka Showstoppers; an X/Y Gijinka Duallocke

    So the idea for this run came to me when I was watching the new seasons of Raven (basically it's a physically-oriented kids' game show with a thin layer of 'in-story' narrative glazed over the top) a few years back; it amounts to 'okay so how would a world where Pokemon are basically humans with...
  3. PeachieMinte

    Comic Galar Mature KIRION - A blind Galar Nuzlocke

    KIRION - A blind Galar Nuzlocke has been canceled in favor for a reboot! Keep an eye out for our new Sinnoh Nuzlocke!