1. Memesy

    Written Collaborative Original Teen Adventures of shepherd, dragon and a future researcher - Your decisions matter

    So this is my fourth time making something like this. I plan to let you people have a week for answering what should happen between two or three options and then another week for myself to write the winner. Anyway, here's the start. Help the girl. Leave the girl to her fate.
  2. Glace

    Flight Rising!

    I know at least like, 2 other people here play this game, and it kinda sounds like a game others here might wanna play, so here's a general flight rising hub forum thread thing whatever you can tell i'm not used to making these things! :v: If you don't know what the fuck i'm talking about at...
  3. glancesherlock

    Written Story Johto Teen Once Upon a Mountain

    This is a HeartGold Storylocke set in a fantasy alternate universe about a knight and a princess and their quest to reunite with one another. Never tried my hand at high-fantasy romance before. All I know is the world needs more gay fairytales, and everyone has a cape. Once Upon a Mountain on...