double nuzlocke

  1. TheNuzlockeDuo

    Comic Galar Teen Balls Out! - A Galarian Double Nuzlocke

    Balls Out! Started as two roommates who were just goofing around one day and Nuzlocking together (me, having done them before and my roommate, never in his life) on their playthroughs of Sword and Shield, and eventually turned into a ridiculous story. Artwork is a collab with MintyZedGrimes, a...
  2. ima

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Mon Finding Balance || A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

    Tumblr (Main) | Tumblr (Nuzlocke Blog) | Deviantart | ComicFury | Twitter But I have a dream I want to see, together with you. So I'll head right now toward that endless future. RULES 1.) nickname all caught pokemon.* 2.) when a pokemon faints, they are considered dead. you can...
  3. TheNuzlockeDuo

    Comic Kalos Teen Chaos in Kalos: A Double-X Nuzlocke Comic

    Hey guys! If poor sketch art, potty humor and physical humor aren't your thing, this comic includes all of those things. I've always felt like Pokemon was a franchise that lended itself to be perfect for silly and outlandish comedy, so I decided to take it upon myself to do that. I gave it a...
  4. GreyCorsola

    Comic Galar Teen Pokemon Grey - A Sword and Shield Double Nuzlocke

    Hey guys! I've never done any sort of forum post before so apologies in advance if anything is formatted strangely Idk what I'm doin' PFPFT. I'd figure'd I'd post here since- well, it is a Nuzlocke! I've been working on this for a few months as of now, and it's my first time really doing...
  5. yepiz

    Comic Hoenn Teen Amel in Sapphire and Raul in Ruby: a double nuzlocke [COMPLETE]

    Moving to nuzlocke forums... Amel in Sapphire and Raul in Ruby: a double nuzlocke Two trainers: Amelie and Raulio. They took the nuzlocke challenge in PKMN Sapphire & Ruby. Which one of this kids will win PKMN Champion title? [ READ ASRR ON SMACKJEEVES ] [ READ ASRR ON COMICFURY ] [ READ...