1. CasualGameFreak

    Deathlandia II

    For the last almost-two years, I have been blessed with an awesome Dungeons & Dragons group and the campaigns we've been a part of. You may have heard tiny snippets from our escapades if you share a chat with one of our players or if you follow the It Happened In A Tabletop thread. We've had...
  2. Mattelonian

    Nuzforums TTRPG Hub Discord

    Hey there! Do you like TTRPGS? Do you like the nuzlocke forums? Boy howdy do I have the discord for you! https://discord.gg/MntbYCj The discord is not just for players, it’s for anybody, although games will also be posted there.
  3. Mattelonian

    dnd dnd dnd dnd

    hi my name's matte, i type like shit but i dm like good i hope maybe i run 3 campaigns with... 13 people between them all dnd 5e it's not 4/4/5 like a reasonable person it's 7/5/7 i use super heavy homebrew but that's not relevant if you're not playing, just don't get weird if some people have...