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  1. DARK FALLS 2 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    DARK FALLS 2 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    Page two my peeps~
  2. DARK FALLS 1 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    DARK FALLS 1 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    I started this comic YEEEARS ago so please have mercy OTL I'm trying to update this comic more regulary (monthly I'd say, I have a full time job AND a side job) starting December 2020. ENJOY~
  3. vernal

    Art Showcase Fan Original vernal draws things: a thread

    hello! :D this is a place for me to post work that i do when i'm not working on my comic! (which is most of the time, OOPS) i draw a lot and i like sharing it, so here's where i'm gonna do that! thank you so much for viewing! here's the first few drawings, all done recently if not today...
  4. pinkshellos

    Art Showcase pinkshellos’ Art Gallery !

    Hi! Hello! This is a thread where I’m going to post art I make! It might not be updated often or anything. I just wanted to share my drawings :) I only have one drawing to post for now, cuz the rest of it is either old or not really relevant, although in the future I’ll be posting...
  5. Faleep

    Art Showcase Teen Faleep’s art n stuff

    Figured I should get around to sharing my art here, especially since I’m gonna be busy drawing and making new stuff with Art Fight happening now. Plus I want to upload my stuff somewhere, Incase I have another system crash like I did on Sunday ;-; lost so much art A little animation Gif, to get...