1. zonerboy

    Johto Written Log Commentary Please touch grass! [A Pokemon SoulSilver Pokewalker nuzlocke]

    Please touch grass! A SoulSilver nuzlocke in which I face every neurodivergent gamer's worst fear: going outside. Hi, my name's Kris and welcome to my funny little diary where I'm going to write about my experiences attempting a Pokewalker-only nuzlocke. I'm starting this run hoping it will...
  2. OrdoSkirata

    Written Story Let's Play Teen Diary of a Wynn-ter Soldier

    I'm in a creative flump, so I decided "why not tackle a bit of a challenge and write about it?" So in the vein of Erb's awesome All That We Are, I'm going to diary my way through the world of Wynncraft, an amazing Minecraft RPG in similar vein to things like Runescape and FFXIV. There's even a...
  3. estralita

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side

    Hello, hello. Double welcomes for the Double Pearl Soul Link (no copy of Diamond available) and one more for the new forum! Time to get to reposting! Then, later, to replying! The gameplay was done alongside my pal RubyClaw, who you probably already know. He's not doing the writing, but has...